How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant

Finding the perfect Virtual Assistant (VA) is not as hard as you may think. One thing you want to do is avoid those huge VA companies that pay their VAs low wages. Instead find an independent VA who either works alone or has a qualified team who works under them. If you can find a VA that is in your own country and speaks your native language then that is even better.

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

People are always asking me how I started my own Virtual Assistant Business so I decided I’d write a blog post about it. When I first started in the work force at the age of 16, I never imagined that I would own the business that I have today. I attended school for accounting part-time while working full-time and had always planned to open my own accounting business once I was done school. As many of us have probably experienced, life got in the way of my plans. I was a young adult and my life was changing and I left accounting on the back burner and decided to move onto bigger and better things. I took a look at what I wanted in my life and decided to start working as an assistant at VAnetworking.

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