Blog posts and social media are both important aspects of getting yourself seen and heard.  Failing to connect the two together will make you miss out on much-deserved traffic. 

Sharing your blog post on social media is not the only thing that you will have to do in order for you to be spotted. You have to make sure that you have written content that is worth sharing and captures the mind of your audience.

How to Integrate Your Blog Posts With Your Social Media Platforms

Here are 3 ways that you can integrate your blog posts into your social media.

1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are popular on most social media platforms and they are a great way to launch a campaign. Hashtags enable you to be discovered by others. This is a great way to incorporate the keywords which best explain what you are sharing. Sharing relevant hashtags will help your blog to be easily found.

2. Come up with creative titles, meta descriptions and images

To avoid being lost in the crowd you need to come up with creative titles, meta descriptions and images. When selecting these important details ask yourself:

  • Would I give the title a second glance?
  • Would the title, description and image entice me to click and read the post?
  • Would I share the post?

3. Add social media widgets and share icons on your blog

If your content is great, your readers will share it. When they share your blog posts they attract new readers, and new readers attract other new readers. 

Plugins such as Monarch make it easy to add social media share icons to your blog so your readers can easily share your posts. 

You can also add social media profile widgets to your blog. All you have to do is go grab the code from the social media platform’s website and paste it into a widget on your blog. 


So why is it important to integrate blog posts into your social media platforms?

Social media is the best way to understand your audience. You can see what content they share most and get an understanding of what grabs their attention and how they think. Having this kind of information will give you exclusive insight on what to write about.

Connecting your blog post to your social media platform and using them together is a major step towards being more visible and attracting an even bigger audience.

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