In order to make your next webinar a success you will need to invest in a few things. I provide webinar assistance to my clients and have tested a lot of products and programs. Here’s a rundown of some tools and software that I use and recommend. If you are on the fence about something, ask me in the comments and I’ll be glad to help you.

Top Tools for Successful Webinars

Reliable internet connection

You can’t run a webinar without a good internet connection, and it will run more smoothly if you have a fast and reliable one. Most connections are reliable today, but use a wired connection as opposed to wifi for the higher reliability.


Don’t rely on your computer or camera’s built in microphone when you’re holding a webinar. I recommend investing in a personal microphone or headset to reduce background noise and produce a more clear sound. The microphone that I use and recommend is the Blue Yeti.


You don’t need high-end video equipment to host a successful webinar, but you want a camera that produce a nice, clear video. Here is the one from Logitech that I use. It works with my MacBook Pro and is 1080p.

When going on camera, make sure you have a background free of clutter. I use backdrops so no one can see what lies behind me. These ones are really nice quality and I don’t find that they wrinkle either.

Webinar platform

You can’t put on a webinar without a webinar platform. There are several different programs on the market and I recommend trying out several of them. Most of the programs offer free trials so you can give them a test drive and see if they have the features you are looking for. The program I use and recommend right now is Zoom.

You can use Zoom for both webinars and team meetings. I enjoy all the features available and their support is awesome as well.

These tools are the basics that you’ll need for a successful webinar. If you want to see some of my other recommendations, check out my webinar tools recommendation list here.

Webinar Recommendations on Amazon

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