Social media content is content that you will use for the purposes of promoting on social media. It could be a blurb that is attached to a link to a blog post, infographic or video to help you get your point across. Creating content for social media is a very important part of every business’s marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to assist you with creating content for social media.

Content Creation Tips for Social Media

Plan Ahead

Most people tend to forget to plan their social media content in advance. This is a huge mistake. If you create a blog post then you should create at least one tweet, Facebook post and other blurbs for whatever social media network that you plan to share the post on.

Add the Content to Your Calendar

Include all your social media content on your editorial calendar. If you know that in September you are going to promote an awesome product then you should be planning out your social media content that you will use during that promotion. Make sure to not only include the content you will use leading up to the launch but also for during the live launch.

Create Images for Social Media

Images are a form of content, and you need to create images for social media sharing. Images are more likely to be shared than text and are a very important part of your marketing. Use a variety of images as content such as infographics to increase shares and engagements. You can easily create graphics with programs such as PicMonkey.


If you need assistance creating content for your social media networks then you can always call in an expert. Social Media VAs can help you create compelling content for your social media networks.


If you are having troubles coming up with content to use on your social media then you may want to consider using PLR. You can use snippets of PLR articles or images as social media posts. You can even link to posts back to your website or product.

Share More Than Once

It is important to promote the content that you create and that you do it more than once. People do not read their entire social media stream so sharing the content with new blurb and new graphics on the information several times will increase the view rate exponentially.

Conduct Split Testing

You want to see what times, headlines and topics get the most attention. As you collect and analyze the data you’ll know exactly what time is best to share any updates with your social media followers.

Target Each Audience

Each social media network has its own personality. The portion of your audience that follows you and engages with you on each network is usually slightly different. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the content you create for each network is exclusive to that network.

Create Content Often

With social media you must have content for every day of the week and share it more than once per day. This may seem like a lot of content to create, but it all stems from the basic message you want to get across to your audience based on your promotions.

Creating content for social media is a huge part of the content creation process. It helps ensure that the products, services and information that you need to communicate to your audience gets the attention it needs.


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