Often times people subscribe to a mailing list and then unsubscribe shortly after. Do you ever wonder why they do that?

They may do that for a variety of reason, some of them being…

  • Feel as though the content isn’t directed toward them.
  • Feel like they get too many emails.
  • Forgot they ever signed up due to the lack of emails and so many other emails.

These nine tips will help you avoid all these situations and keep your subscribers happy.

9 Tips for Keeping Your Subscribers Happy

Really Know Your Subscribers

Before you attempt to get even one subscriber signed up to your list, ensure that you’re attracting the right people. Having just anyone sign up won’t help you reach your goals. Ensure that the content you put out there to attract people to sign up is directed to your target audience, and no one else. Also make sure that any freebies you give out in exchange for email addresses are things that only your target audience would want. For example, If you are selling dog food you don’t want a bunch of people signed up that own cats.

Personalize Subject Lines

Once you have people on your list, it’s important that you personalize the subject lines for your audience. If they see their name within the subject line, it will be a lot more likely that they’ll notice it over all their emails in their inbox and open it.

Personalize Content

Your email marketing software also has the ability to personalize the inside contents within the email. Use it. It’s important to use this feature because audiences respond very well to having content personalized to them. They see their name and they feel more important and are more likely to click through.

Send Only Targeted Content

When you create email content to send out in your list, it’s important that it is targeted to your audience. Once you’ve attracted your target audience, don’t mess it up by sending something different than they expect. If you do, you risk unsubscribes. Double check the title every time you send an email and ask yourself: “Does this fit my target audience?

All Content You Send Should Be Purposeful

In addition to being targeted, the content needs to have a purpose. Your purpose can be multi-fold. You want to inform, educate, entertain and engage. You may not do every single one of these, though that should be your goal. At least choose one of these to do in every email. Also, don’t forget to include your call to action, every single time. You have to tell people exactly what you want them to do or they won’t do it.

Your Content Should Be Helpful

One of the most important things you’ll want to show your audience is your willingness and desire to help them achieve something or solve their problems. If you offer them something that solves their problems then you are on the right track by offering them your products or services.

Don’t Send Content Too Often

Be careful about sending emails too often. You know the people who send content two or three times a day; it’s annoying and even if they do offer something good you stop reading. You get sick of it and just don’t read, press delete and eventually unsubscribe. You don’t want that to happen so tread carefully here.

Don’t Send Content Too Infrequently

It’s important to avoid not sending content to your audience enough. Before the first person signs up, you should have enough content setup in your autoresponder to go out for at least 6 months, one piece of content a week. That’s 26 evergreen pieces of content that fit your audience and promote the products you have now and know you’ll have for a long time. You can add fresh content to go out once or twice a week if you desire. Don’t forget to mark on your calendar when your content runs out so you can create new content.

Study Your Metrics

Last but not least, it’s really important that you study your metrics. If you don’t know who is opening, how many are opening, when they’re opening and what happens when they click through, then you won’t know if what you’re doing works or not. You should be informed of whether or not all your hard work is giving you the results you want.

Creating subscriber-friendly content is simple if you have done the work to understand who your audience is, and what they want. You can even use your email marketing software to engage your members and ask them what they want. The more you can deliver what they want, the more successful you’ll be.


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