Social media allows businesses to build their subscriber base with a wide range of people and to cross-promote from different traffic sources.  If you integrate your social media marketing with your email list then you can gain even more traffic and engagement.

Here are some ways you can integrate your email marketing with social media.

5 Ways You Can Integrate Your Email Marketing with Social Media











Announce on Social Media

Social media networks can be used to find prospects to sign-up to your email list.  Let everyone know about your email sign-up page on all of your social media channels.  Offer them an exclusive promotion for your followers to entice them to sign up to your list.  

Social networks have features that allow users to share content they enjoy.  For example, Twitter’s “Retweet” and Facebook’s “Share” button allow people to spread the word for you.  Encourage your followers to share your content, you could even create a contest or reward system for the most shares.

Facebook Sign-Up Button

Facebook allows you to create custom tabs on your Facebook Page.  You can create one with a sign-up form so people are able to sign up to your list right from your page.  Make sure the tab is visible in the side bar so people can see it.  Some email marketing programs have already done the hard work for you and allow you to add your sign-up form to Facebook with the click on a button. 

Facebook recently launched “Call-to-Action” buttons on pages.  It allows people to add one call-to-action on their cover photo, located right beside the “Like” button.  There are several options for what you can add, one being a sign-up button to your list. 

Promoting on Your Blog

Your blog is also a huge part of your social profile.  Make sure to be promoting your email list there as often as possible.  Add something to your sidebar that is visible at all times next to every post so that it gets as much exposure as possible.  You can also add a sign up form to the bottom of every blog post asking people to sign up.  Don’t forget to tell them why they should sign up by mentioning your freebie.

Getting Subscribers to Social Media

Integrating social media and your email list means that you need to be sending traffic both ways.  Make sure you have social media icon buttons on all of your emails that you send out.  Make sure you also include the typical Facebook “Like” buttons and Google+ share buttons etc.  These buttons allow your readers to easily share your content around the web without leaving your email.

Some email services, such as MailChimp make it really easy for you and have social icons already there that you can just drag and drop into your emails.  

The best way to get your subscribers to connect with you on your social media networks is by offering exclusive content on your networks.  Offer something different on every social network so that they have to follow all and visit them all them to stay informed.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people are reading emails and engaging on social media using their phones.  Make sure that all of your email campaigns are mobile-friendly.  You should be creating your emails in both HTML and text and also be sure to test all your templates.  Make text large and images easy to view with short loading times.  It’s very important to make your opt-in form simple to fill out while using a phone.  If it isn’t easy to fill out on a phone then people aren’t going to bother signing up to your list.


The more places you are connected with your audience, the more valuable of a relationship you can build with them.  This is why it is essential to communicate with your audience on as many outlets as possible and to not just rely on one platform.  What happens if tomorrow Facebook is gone and you put all your eggs into one basket and now you are left with nothing?  Make sure to focus your efforts in several places, not just one.  

It also helps to find out what social networking sites your target market frequents.  That way you can focus your interaction in those places.  You should be online wherever your prospects and customers are.

Hopefully these tips helped you out with integrating your email marketing with your social media.  If you need assistance with your email marketing and/or social media then make sure to contact us to take care of it for you. 

What are you doing to integrate your email marketing with your social media?


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