Twitter is a huge social network with millions of users.  Sharing a link on Twitter can go along way if some one with a big following tweets it or if the tweet is something of interest to other tweeters.   

I am going to show you how to create a share this link for Twitter that you can put on your website.  People can then click on the link and tweet your link and also any text of your choice.

If you click on the example below you will see an example. 

Click to share on Twitter

The actual HTML used to create the link is

<a href=”!&amp;url=”>Click to share on Twitter</a>

To make your own custom link to share on Twitter just follow these few steps.

twitter link share

twitter link share

First you need to pick a link in which you wish people to share.  Replace the red text with your link.

Next you will need to add the text in which you want to tweet. The example above uses “Check out this awesome blog!”  In order to make spaces between your text you must use %20 instead of spaces.  The %20 acts as a space in your HTML code.  The purple text is what you need to replace with your own tweet about the link. 

The green text is the actual text displayed on your website on which people will click to share to Twitter.  You can change that to whatever you’d like as well.  But I suggest making it simple like “Click here to share on Twitter”.

Below is an example of how a share this link will look when people click on it.

twitter link share






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