30 Day Email Marketing Challenge

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30 Days to a Bigger Email List, Better Relationships and More Results!



30 Days to a Bigger Email List, Better Relationships and More Results!

Just about every business owner knows that they should be concentrating on growing and nurturing their email list, but they prefer to focus on the “simpler” tasks.  We focus a lot of time on blogging because it’s fun.  We spend hours lost in social media because we feel gratification when someone “likes” what we do.

But the problem is… 

If you put all your focus and energy into those feel-good things, it becomes tough to really grow your business.  Likes and beautiful posts don’t sell products and make you money.

Once you get the hang of email marketing and it starts working for you, you’ll wonder what you thought was so hard about it anyway.

You’ll probably even have fun with it.  With all this in mind, here is a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Grow your audience
  • Sell more products
  • Have valuable resources at your fingertips for your long-term planning and growth. 

…all this through the power of email!

These 30 Days Could Change Everything!

For the next 30 days, this challenge will ensure you are working on growing your list and selling more stuff.  It includes the most practical, interactive and result-focused opportunity possible so that you can ensure your mailing lists are the most powerful asset that your business owns.  

Here’s what’s included…

30 days of butt-kicking to get you where you want to be!

Once you join you’ll receive 30 days of guidance and organized tasks to help you grow, nurture and sell more to your list.  These tasks are all designed to help you feel at home outside of your comfort zone and force you to focus on activities that are most beneficial to you and your goals.  Don’t think that you can just sign up and forget about it.  You will be reminded daily to get a move on and make this happen.

Newbies can join too

If you are brand new to email marketing then we’ve got plenty of resources to walk you through the starting steps of working with email.  Review the included Email Marketing Checklist and What to Look for in an Autoresponder guide and you will be ready to roll.  We are here to answer questions for you.

Plenty of resources, brainstorming sheets and templates

Stuck on what you should write about?  Not sure how to create an effective opt-in page? No problem. We’ve got you covered with a ton of resources for you to use.

Take a look at all the stuff included…

Daily Challenges, templates brainstorming sheets and more

  • 30 days of tips with 2 tasks per day to keep you growing and profiting from your list
  • Opt-in page template in both HTML or for WordPress
  • Freebie gift ideas
  • Ideas of things to send to your list
  • Tips for creating promotional emails 
  • Product review template

Purchase now and you will receive instant access to…

  • Checklists for new email marketers – If you are new to email marketing then these handy checklists will help you pick an autoresponder and get your mailing list up and running.
  • 30 days of daily challenges to help build your list and get results from it. 
  • Helpful tools and resources including handy checklists, page templates, swipe files and more. 

Email marketing is crucial for every online business. 

This 30 Day Challenge will Change Everything!


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